Oil & Gas Asset Management Services

Oil & Gas Asset Management Services

Full & Back Office Managed Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs


A Whole New Way of Managing Oil & Gas Assets

Initially developed in 2013, Vision is an innovative cloud-based oil and gas management and accounting software platform that provides pioneering functionality at a reasonable price. Specifically engineered for the processing needs of family offices, foundations, and trust companies, Vision streamlines mineral management operations and empowers asset managers to maximize productivity and efficiency. Save money, save time, improve safety and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization.

Managed Solutions

Back Office Managed Solutions

We recognize that managing royalty revenue can be a challenging, labor intensive process for professional mineral managers, even if you have internal staff to manage land-related matters.

Our Back Office Managed solution provides you with the option to streamline your royalty revenue processing by reallocating this critical task to us, while your team focuses on serving your current clients and growing your business.

We start with an inventory and analysis of your Assets and Operators. Then we leverage our extensive mineral management and trust operations experience to implement an efficient and cost-effective revenue processing solution for you.

The Back Office Managed solution also includes direct access to our proprietary accounting system, VISION, for inquiry and reporting.

Managed Solutions

Full Managed Solution

Many fiduciaries either offer, or would like to offer, a mineral management solution to their clients and prospects, but lack the internal resources to adequately support such an offering.

Our Full Managed solution is an extension of your department. We partner with you and serve as your expert resource for all aspects of mineral management. We handle all critical processes including:

Royalty revenue processing
Monitoring of assets and operators
Annual account reviews (Reg 9)
Ad Hoc reporting for management and end clients

We assist as needed with lease negotiations, sales transactions and any other client-related situation involving their mineral interests. Full Office Managed includes direct access to our proprietary accounting system, VISION, for inquiry and reporting.


On Site Oil & Gas Consulting​

Our goal is to ensure your team receives appropriate guidance, consulting and assistance to navigate the intricacies of the oil and gas management process.

Looking for expert guidance or assistance with your oil and gas project?