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Accounting for Every Drop


A More Efficient Way of Managing Oil & Gas Assets

Initially developed in 2013, VISION-OG is an innovative cloud-based oil and gas management and accounting software platform that provides pioneering functionality at a reasonable price. Specifically engineered for the processing needs of family offices, foundations, and trust companies, VISION-OG streamlines mineral management operations and empowers asset managers to maximize productivity and efficiency. Save money, save time, improve transparency and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization.

Scalable Transaction Management

VISION-OG easily scales to the demands of both small and large transaction volumes. Each month, the platform is handling:

Transaction Lines

VISION-OG dashboard showing available modules.

Selected Highlights

Data Import & Export Efficiency

VISION-OG includes convenient data import features, such as handling the common CDEX file format. This capability streamlines the process of importing transaction data, ensuring that users can easily integrate external data sources, saving time and effort in data management and reporting. Additionally, it provides users with export functionality to generate data files in a format suitable for integration with their trust accounting systems.

Full Transparency

The platform emphasizes data reconciliation and reporting, ensuring that the transactions recorded in VISION-OG align with financial data in clients’ bank accounts and trust accounting systems. This robust reconciliation process helps maintain data accuracy and integrity, crucial for financial reporting and analysis. VISION-OG gives you full transparency to know what’s going on in all assets at all times.

Specialized Reports for Trusts

No one understands trusts like we do. VISION-OG has specialized trust reports designed to meet the requirements of the OCC Annual Review. The system incorporates account review periods, helping users schedule and track when specific accounts or data need to be reviewed. 

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