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A More Efficient Way of Managing Real Estate Assets

Leveraging our experiences with VISION-OG, and based on market demand, in 2023 we created a new instance of VISION specifically designed with Real Estate Asset Management in mind.

VISION-ATLAS is a modern, cloud-based application that allows Asset Managers to track and monitor all of the critical aspects of properly managing Real Estate Assets.

VISION-ATLAS is specifically engineered for the processing needs of family offices, foundations, and trust companies. It streamlines operations and administration and empowers asset managers to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Save money, save time, improve transparency and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization.

VISION-ATLAS dashboard showing available modules.

Selected Highlights

Robust, Interactive Modules at the Asset Level

All VISION-ATLAS modules are Importable and Exportable to facilitate integration with outside 3rd party service providers.

Full Transparency

The platform emphasizes administrative efficiency allowing all interested parties and team members to have real-time access to Client data in one convenient location and in a consistent format. This Transparency should mitigate fiduciary risk by limiting training issues and proprietary tracking methods that can vary widely across organizations with no centralized tracking system. 

Specialized Reports

The VISION-ATLAS reporting suite also provides high-quality, relevant reports for all stakeholders.  In addition to our pre-designed reports, VISION-ATLAS also has custom query tools to provide flexibility and customization with quick turn-around times.

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