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A Whole New Way of Managing Oil & Gas Assets
Initially developed in 2013, Vision is an innovative cloud-based oil and gas management and accounting software platform that provides pioneering functionality at a reasonable price. Specifically engineered for the processing needs of family offices, foundations, and trust companies, Vision streamlines mineral management operations and empowers asset managers to maximize productivity and efficiency. Save money, save time, improve safety and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization.

Innovative Asset Management

Oil & Gas Asset Management Service
OGTS experts have managed tens of thousands of assets across the country for institutions and trust companies of every size. We offer several product and service packages to meet your unique needs; from internal oil and gas policy and procedure assistance to a comprehensive turn key oil and gas department.

Compliance & Management Packages

Comprehensive Compliance Management
OGTS offers services and products that provide institutions with appropriate guidance as it pertains to internal oil & gas asset management. Additionally, OGTS offers a collection of standardized oil & gas management practice-aids to facilitate the proper treatment of this unique asset class in the areas of portfolio management and operations


On Site Oil & Gas Consulting
Our goal is to ensure your team receives appropriate guidance, consulting and assistance to navigate the intricacies of the oil and gas management process.